Ethnopedia is a project to create a peer-reviewed, comprehensive and accurate online encyclopedia of South American languages. Created and maintained by volunteers, Ethnopedia relies on an international network of experts on individual languages and language families, with direct knowledge of the languages concerned and direct involvement with the speech communities.

Ethnopedia intends to be an evolving digital database, gathering essential information on the languages (basic typological features, most remarkable features, bibliographic sources) and their speakers (location, number, proficiency, literacy). By providing reliable information on the languages of South American Indians, Ethnopedia's ultimate goal is to do justice to the cultural diversity of the continent and to the cultural strength of its peoples.

Related projects

This is a long-term project. Although this domain (ethnopedia.org) was registered in early 2004, priority is being initially given to related projects aimed at building a solid infrastructure to provide the academic community (especially in South America) with a reliable online research infrastructure. Such projects include the Etnolinguistica.Org website, the Curt Nimuendaju Digital Library and a discussion list.

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